Develop Occupational Therapy

Develop Occupational Therapy is an Adelaide based therapy practice that aims to support children, youth, and young adults who have functional difficulties that impact on their ability to participate in their daily activities.  These difficulties may be due to developmental delays or disorders, identified disabilities (e.g. cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders) or injury ( e.g. hand injury, acquired brain injury). 

Develop Occupational Therapy provides interventions that:

  • Relate to each individual’s daily tasks
  • Accept little steps to achieve bigger goals
  • Create a safe place to explore and try new challenges
  • Promote positive relationships
  • Foster the ability to cope with transitions, new situations, and disappointment
  • Allow each individual to access the environments in which they need and wish to participate
  • Consider the environmental supports available to facilitate participation and existing barriers.
  • Recognise the individual’s need, age and context, e.g.
    • Play based interventions for children
    • Interventions to support curriculum and learning for school students’
    • Living skills for home.
  • Enable success and fun

Develop Occupational Therapy is a registered provider for

  • Better Start for Disability, Helping Children With Autism,
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme,
  • Medicare (including Mental Health),
  • DVA,
  • Health Insurance

and works in partnership with state and federal government and community agencies.

Develop Occupational Therapy links closely with speech pathologists, physiotherapists, psychologists and medical specialists to provide coordinated services to children.

Our Team can help with the every day activities including;

  • Sleep
  • Mealtime and Fussy Eaters
  • Toileting
  • Fine motor skills
  • Play
  • School readiness
  • And Hand writing  

Contact our team of therapists for more information.



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